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Red cap’s workwear jackets are all you gotta buy this autumn!

Red cap’s workwear jackets are all you gotta buy this autumn!

Workwear jackets that's ultra-comfortable is all we going to discuss in this blog.

Its officially Fall and you got to brace yourself up with the clothes that are perfect for the season. Whether its winter or autumn or even summer, you got to dress appropriately to happily get along with the weather. 

Horace Jackets is now available at USA Work Uniforms!

Horace Jackets is now available at USA Work Uniforms!

Workwear Jackets are one of the most important part of everyday life. Whether its cold weather or rainy all we reach out to immediately is jackets.

Choosing a jacket is a daunting task. From the material, fit the way it is made, everything matters. If you are looking for jackets for men, you have landed upon the right page. 

We here at USA work uniforms are glad to inform that we have got a brand new collection of Horace jackets just for you. These workwear jackets are all you need for your safety and feel-good factor. 

Horace is a company that is exclusively dealing with uniform making from 77 years.

Horace Small has continually optimized, engineered and fine-tuned their designs so the uniforms they make - like the men and women who wear them - are built for the call, ready to perform their duty, and suited for the ultimate act of service. 

Beyond this, Horace has also brought new fits, features and functionalities forward in the form of our “Plus” lines. These small, “stealthy” advances quickly and comfortably become the advantage – on patrol, or in pursuit. At the station, or on the street.

A look that commands authority.

A level of performance that instils confidence.

A calibre of quality that delivers unmatched value.

A colour consistency. In every scientifically-matched shade.

With quality manufacturing and well made, there is no reason why you should not buy Horace work jackets.

These work jackets come with the following feature:


100% Nylon


Home Wash


Two-Way Zipper


Elastic Cuff with Adjustable Hook & Loop Closures


Durable, Water-Repellent


Zip-Out Insulated Liner for Added Warmth


  • Two Pleated Patch Pockets and Flaps with Button-Through Closure
  • Inside Pocket and Two Hand-Warmer Side-Panel Pockets


Elastic Back-Bottom-Edge


  • Articulated Gusset Allows Full Range of Arm Movement
  • Equipment Access Side Zippers
  • No Special Orders

Engineered as a lightweight workwear jackets, the Sentry® Windbreaker features a durable, water repellent nylon outer shell with a two-way zipper closure and a zip-out liner. This workwear jackets is loaded with pockets, including two pleated patch pockets, two hand-warmer side panel pockets, and an inside pocket. The windbreaker also features an articulated gusset design for a full range of arm movements.

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We at USA work uniforms also provide services like workwear decoration, embroidery and allow you to own a custom tee shirts

With our workwear decoration and embroidery for custom tee shirts, we offer you to personalize the garments with your company logo, name design etc. 

We provide Our Customers with a 30-day return policy upon delivery. WE SHIP ONLY IN THE USA! In stock, orders are usually shipped within 3 business days via USPS. If you place your order after 2 PM CST, it will not be processed until the following business day. Custom orders, holidays and weekends can affect the shipping timeline.

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